Be Thou Humble

Dear friends,

​This week has been a good one.

Sister Heward’s mouth got spit on accidentally by a lady talking more rapidly than a cheetah on a skateboard with a jetpack.

We’ve added 2 new investigators (people who are interesting in learning about the church and taking missionary discussions). One is super soulful and the other is super sweet.

I gave my first Sacrament talk on Sunday, alongside my companions. My topic was “How to be a better member missionary”. Don’t know if I could relate at all… 😉
I also sang. Sister Chang accompanied me. We sang my Tita Carina’s arrangement of Praise to the Lord. A couple people are asking me to ask her for the sheet music, but I’m a little greedy and don’t want to share it… Hehe. Guess Tita Carina will have to come out with an all-star album and publish her music. 😛 (hint hint..).

We actually auditioned with this piece earlier today for the Mission President’s Devotional on Sunday. We’re waiting to find out if we get in..

What else… OH! I found my new beauty obsession!! Burt’s Bees TINTED lip balm!!
Um, WHY haven’t I tried it sooner?? Everyone knows I’m A D D I C T E D to Burt’s Bees lip balm (don’t tell Bishop!!), I honestly don’t know why I have not tried it sooner..


But the best thing that happened this week is Camp Wildwood.

I seriously lucked out.. I came in during the BEST TRANSFER EVER. They only do this once a year, and I think only with President Schmidt.

We carpooled with the Spanish sisters in our complex to a church-owned camp site (Camp Wildwood). We had some training from President, Elder Hemingway (current Mormon Battalion director, former Director of Proselyting in the mission department FOR THE ENTIRE CHURCH lowkey), and the Assistant to the Presidents. We broke for lunch and sang the standard “Thanks for Lunch!” song:

We have been born, as Nephi of old,

to goodly parents who love the Lord.

And on this day, we thank you a bunch,

for fixing us this fantastic lunch!

We are as the army of Helaman,

and when our missions are through,

we’ll thank the Lord for all who have helped us.

especially people like you!

You’re Christlike love has shown through!!!

After a soupy lunch of baked potatoes with too much sour cream (entirely my fault), we resumed training from people from the mission office, with apartment and car business. Elder Cummings talked about making sure our apartments are TEMPLE CLEAN. I love that! We need to be temple clean in all aspects of our life, this is how we can invite the Spirit into our homes and into our hearts. I can’t wait to be in white at the temple one day…

The final activity was a hike. We chaged our of our proselyting clothes and into hiking attire. It was a silent hike. As we started on the path, I picked up a rock. It wasn’t a big one. But it was the perfect rock.

As I trudged behind my companions (because I was so out of breath and NOT in shape), I pondered on what I could offer to the Lord. The rock was supposed to symbolize our offering to the Lord. And when we gopt to the top, we were supposed to lay it at the feet of the Savior, at the feet of the cross up at the top of the mountain.

My favorite Sacrament hymn came to mind.

“In humility, our Savior…”

Be thou humble.

As I sat at the top, I didn’t immediately put my rock down, but kept it with me until it was time to venture down the muddy slopes. Giving my heart to the Savior is such a hard thing to do sometimes. I find I constantly have to make the conscious effort to do so. When I think I’m good, that’s when I need it the most.

As we gathered at the top of the mountain to hear a couple testimonies and sing the mission song, the Spirit was just incredible..

I am SO lucky.

And so lucky to even be here. Right where I am. Serving a mission is a sacrifice for sure. I miss people more than I can handle. But I know there are promised blessings from serving the Lord. I know that the Lord knows my heart, He knows how much I love Him.

Be thou humble, friends. Rely on Jesus Christ. Any other foundation you’ve built your life upon will crumble. A fullness of joy comes from making little sacrifices. My rock was tiny compared to others. But even giving the tiniest bit of ourselves to the Lord, we are blessed 10 fold, because to the Lord, a little is everything.

With love,
Sister Dalisay


P1000500rehearsals + getting distracted

IMG_3409hey there delilah!! ❤

IMG_1736find me!!!

IMG_1737sometimes “take a hike” is a really good thing

P1000468sistah hewahd!!!

P1000476us leaving because it’s time to go

IMG_1415us hauling out back to the car and leaving because president is coming!!!!!

IMG_1432us actually leaving


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