To bring forth the cause of Zion, Amen and Amen

Hola amigos!

Somos missioneras de La Igelsia de Jesu Cristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias!
Tenemos un mensaje de Jesu Cristo!
Tiene fe en Jesu Cristo?

Okay, as far as SPELLING… I really don’t know. Sorry if I’m wrong. But I can sure say it! I might not know what THEY are saying in reply, but I know what I’M saying! And I know that what I’m saying is important!

I’m really loving my mission. I know I’ve said that before, but I’m starting to get to that point where I truly mean it. I’ve been positive, but honestly, a mission truly is a roller coaster. I didn’t think I’d be a normal missionary and have ups and downs but I do. I’m willing to acknowledge that I T ‘ S O K A Y !

So many laughs this week and so many little miracles. I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m trying to find that balance between being a consecrated missionary and being myself. (If you haven’t read that talk “How to be a Consecrated Missionary” by Elder Callister, read it now!)
Being a consecrated missionary is basically all about “Forget yourself and go to work!” (look Ma, I made it, I’m quoting your favorite person!). When you are a consecrated missionary, you are truly on the Lord’s errand and not worrying about what you want and what you would be doing if you weren’t a missionary in that moment. I am F A R from being a consecrated missionary, but every day I try a little bit harder to be dedicated. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for every. single. person. And it’s the most amazing thing! As a missionary, I know I need to strive my best to help the Lord bring forth His plans, and “to bring forth the cause of Zion”.

This Sunday I got to sing my Tita Carina’s arrangement of Praise to the Lord, the Almighty at the Mission President’s Devotional. The best part about that devotional, THE NEW EASTER VIDEO WAS SHOWN!!!! OH. MY. FRIJOLES. I cry every single time I watch it! It will be released to the public on March 31, so mark your calendars and grab your tissues. I’ve never been so stoked to share this message with everyone I meet. So if I run into you here in San Diego, I WILL. share this message with you. Or at least try. Everyone has their agency to hear the message or not, and I won’t judge you. But seriously, the Gospel is so perfect and so good, I have never been more grateful to have left for my mission at the time that I did.

Aside from the good, funny, and spiritual, I’ve had some of the most C R A Z I E S T experiences this week! One of them is really having an impact on me.. We’re not sure what to do. I’m worried about this one guy in particular.. he’ll really have to have a MIGHTY change of heart or else I fear the safety of the saints in my ward..


Experiences of the week:

Sister Holladay at the Institute has a friend, Sister Maer, who doesn’t get out from her apartment much. She asked me and my companion to sing and play the song we were going to perform. We had the busiest schedule, but we took time out to sing for her, and to sing with her. We sang about 5 songs together from the hymn book, and I was so humbled… She doesn’t get to go to church due to her housing and transportation circumstances – I cannot imagine not being able to attend church and singing and hearing the hymns. The songs we sing are so beautiful and so soul healing, I breaks my heart to know that those 5 songs made her whole week. She’s truly a wonderful daughter of God. Taking the time to sing these hymns with her also gave me time to really reflect on the Savior and the message I’m sharing with people. I am so blessed to serve the people I’m serving and to partake of the experiences I’m having.

We were visiting someone in Lincoln Park, which isn’t the nicest part of San Diego. That person didn’t quite follow through, but it turned out to be THE CRAZIEST BLOCK PARTY POWER HOUR EVER! The small street we were on ended in a cul de sac. But throughout our journey we found 3 people who were interested in learning more. The first one helped to manage a car wash, and you could tell she really loves God. The second was a guy who just got out of prison (he was sentenced for life), and had questions about Jesus Christ. The third was a lovely woman who actually took all the missionary discussions and was about to get baptized when she was in Texas, but things happened and she never got baptized. She wants to retake the discussions again though, and LOVES the Book of Mormon! We also ran into a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses and men from a local church. We shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon with them and cheerfully told them to keep being missionaries! Just because we aren’t of the same faith, doesn’t mean we can’t be kind to one another. Okay, it doesn’t sound as crazy of an experience as it actually was, but I promise that it was.

​Okay, the building is closing so I gotta go! But I know Jesus Christ lives, that he lived and died and lives again! I know with all my heart the church is true! I know that God loves each of us fiercely, and I know that this message we share is truth.

Much love,
Sister Dalisay

P1000532an example of something i eat at home by myself

P1000529an example of something i eat when members feed us

P1000526leslie bringing us to colombian next door to the el salvadorian place

something we’d eat when we really don’t have time to go home

P1000535dinner with liz and her gramps brother wilson – my absolute favorite old man!!!

P1000525i’m really getting darker by the day

Chao for now!



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