A torn ACL, a broken heart, and a broken heart and contrite spirit

We were discussing those things at the institute lunch forum.

Sister Heward: “A torn ACL has got to be the worst injury”
Me: “I think a broken heart has got to be the worst injury..”
Sister Chang: “It’s best to have a broken heart and contrite spirit”

Sister Chang is obviously the most holy out of all of us. And I’m the most depressing. 😛

Week 5 has been CRAZY!! So many miracles! So many funny things! And even crazy experiences!!


We went on exchanges with Sister Mugleston, who was in my YSA ward before I left for my mini mission. It was a blast being on the missionary side, working with her! 🙂 Sister Mugleston, Sister Chang, and I found a new investigator. He’s awesome! He was a heroin addict for 5 years, and within 5 days on a retreat, he found God and was able to quit drugs just like that! We are hoping he gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

We also have an investigator we’ve been trying our best to reach. We finally got to video chat with her, and oh. My. People like her make my day! She was so enthusiastic, and has such a testimony of the Book of Mormon, even through the trials in her life. She’s even sharing it with others and is excited to be baptized! WOO HOO!!! HAPPIEST DAY!!!

Some of the member dinners we had this week consisted of L&L BBQ, pho, mole, and wings. So I guess you could say this was the best week ever!!!

We also gained another investigator who has a cousin who served a mission. I was weary when we knocked on his door, because their was already some religious literature on his door someone had put, but we left him a note, a pass along card. Literally 10 minutes later, as we got into the car and closed the doors, we got a call from him telling us he was available right then if we wanted to talk! We committed him to read the Book of Mormon, and he seems to be receptive. He is willing to act on faith and see how it goes. By this time of the week, it was like miracle #5. WOOO!!!

Sister Heward’s birthday was on Sunday! It was great! We had written things on sticky notes to tell her happy birthday when she walked into the living room. She opened her package from home and the best thing I got – AHEM, I mean, SHE got – were 2 EFY CDs and a CD of Mormon Tabernacle Choir hymns. YYYEEEAAAHHH buddy!!! I sang and Sister Chang performed Savior, Redeemer of My Soul for Sacrament meeting and taught an awesome lesson in Gospel Principles. I got emotional as I related the Atonement to an experience I had when I was younger of us at the doctor because one of my little brothers needed a shot. 😛
Sister Hansen made her homemade cinnamon rolls, Addi’s family and Kalieh made us dinner, got her a tres leches cake, and I have a video of her getting her face shoved into it. 🙂 We had our own little cake at home, pound cake with cool whip and strawberries, with really really sad H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y candles on top (you know me). I’m so grateful she was born. Without her, no one would laugh at my jokes. Sister Chang would just stare me down. 😛

One last miracle: We went to contact a potential investigator, someone who expressed interest in learning more about our message. He said he wasn’t interested, but we ended up teaching two of his roommates a lesson! We taught the Restoration with the Spirit on our side. One of them said he’d always wondered about the different denominations. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon introduction and to pray to know if it’s true. I’m WAY excited to see how it goes.. I would have so much joy. ❤


On Saturday morning at 1am, the fire alarm in our apartment went off. But it didn’t sound like the fire alarm at school. It sounded different, like a really annoying alarm clock, that was REALLY LOUD!!!!!
I thought Sister Chang had turned it on, so I was trying to ignore it and stayed in bed. I refused to open my eyes. I heard one of them say, should we go outside? And the other one said yes. So I got up too, reluctantly, but quickly realized it was a fire alarm! We ran to open the front door and the smell of fire was so strong and pungent! There were no immediate flames I saw and people were just standing outside their door, so we ran back inside. I ran to grab my sweater, ran to grab my name tag, and put on my sandals (hehe, it’s cold outside, I’m a missionary, and ya gotta have shoes). We ran outside and I went into survival mode, so I was ready to run down the stairs to the street! But my companions stayed back. A lot of people stayed back and just stood there. I was so confused. HELLO, THERE’S OBVIOUSLY A FIRE!! D O Y O U W A N T T O D I E ? ? ? We asked someone about it, and they said the fire was in Apartment 22, which was across the complex from us, almost directly across. The whole complex was like a 3-story rectangle, with a pool in the middle, so there was a lot of space and air between us, so it was pretty okay to stay where we were. IT WAS SO BIZARRE! The guy in #22 didn’t open any windows and wouldn’t let anyone inside to help him. After 5 minutes, I saw him open the door and fan out some of the smoke. I motioned to him with my hands, telling him to come out, but he stopped fanning the door, stared at me for 3 seconds, then closed the door. I was so confused! What’s going on?! Finally we heard the fire truck and firefighters came up the stairs. It was kinda cool to see them in action. The guy in the apartment had already put out the flames, so the firefighters went in and checked it out and tuned on a giant fan to get the fumes out.

So we survived the fire! Woo hoo!!! It was the strangest thing that’s happened on my mission.

But everything aside, this coming week is the final week of my mini mission. Time flies, but all I can do now is “thrust in my sickle with all of my might, and labor to do my part”. I’m so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mini mission. I know that God is really working miracles into the lives of everyday people – we are His children. I know that the Gospel makes perfect sense. His plan is PERFECT. ABSOLUTELY P E R F E C T . I’m sad that I’ll miss out on seeing all these people progress, but let’s be real – I’m coming back. Haha, it’s just San Diego. 😛 I live here.

One last thing – this Friday, coming to the internet near you, is the most touching and hopeful video that brings so much peace and reminds us of Jesus Christ. I literally get teary eyed every time. So please, for me, go to mormon.org on Friday and watch the new video. Because it’s worth it. Because Jesus Christ lives. Because He is our Savior. Because He brings us peace, and you can have it too if you only invite Him into your life.

Much love,
Sister Dalisay.

PS – See you at home next week!

IMG_02032nd exchange

thomas vs. habanero wings
thomas won

IMG_1450a contact lense tore in half while i was writing emails on p-day, so for the remainder of the time i kept one eye closed so i wouldn’t get dizzy
but we were laughing so hard already, me laughing with one eye only made us laugh harder

P1000607yo – why is the lock so high up?

P1000593so begins the birthday pictures…

P1000590she’s 20!!!

P1000603make a wish sistah hewahd!!

P1000604she knew it was coming so it took forever to finally smash her face into that cake

P1000613with me you always get some sort of non-traditional cake or mini cupcakes
with colorful  h a p p y  b i r t h d a y  candles on top


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