“I believe you walk on water”

Almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees. The vibrant flowers that peppered the ground are dying. The trees are bare and the temperatures have dropped to 19 degrees Fahrenheit. And with this change, comes the first snow fall – MY first snow fall!!

For the very first time I experienced raining snow!!!

(Isn’t that exciting?!?! Haha – raining snow. :P)


This week brings a lot of change.

We said goodbye to our Elders on Tuesday night. Funny how you could spend years with some people and never know them. With District 34D, we spend 3 weeks together and by the end we’ve all cried.

This is my last week in the MTC. On Tuesday early morning I will check out of the MTC and fly all the way across the country to the place I was called to serve – the Washington D.C. North mission!

Like I said. Lots of change!

Here are a few things I will miss about the MTC:

– GOING TO CLASSES. First off, I love learning! And second, I’ve always kinda wanted to go to boarding school in a foreign place. And I love it when someone from the district will stand and pick up their tray in the cafeteria and say “See you in class”! When I do it, feel like a sassy character in a dramatic movie about people in boarding school. 😜 Also, in many aspects I feel like Utah is legitimately foreign.
– SNEAKING FOOD OUT OF THE CAFETERIA. It’s nice to be able to save a banana for later or eat a roll on the way to class. Once I was extremely close to sneaking out a bowl of fries..
– VENDING MACHINE RUNS. I rarely get anything, but it’s so fun to window shop the same items every other day with the girls on your floor!
– ART & PONDER ROOMS. The paintings and murals in the buildings are wonderful, and some are quite captivating. The ponder rooms are study areas that have glass walls and gentle music playing in the background. They really speak beauty to the soul, you know?!
– PERSONAL STUDY TIME. I feel like if you are really trying, there is a lot of time to study the Gospel of Jesus Christ on your own. Which you won’t get in the mission field. But the second purpose of personal study time? Nap time!! (Kidding… kinda).
– LEARNING TO LOVE OTHERS. A lot of the the times this came with huge sacrifices. Sleep, pride, time. But getting to know and love people is by FAR my most favorite part about the MTC!

Now here are the top 4 things I’ve learned in the first 4 weeks of my mission:

The Doctrine of Christ is the only way to live the Gospel of Christ. The basic points of the Doctrine of Christ are Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, and Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
Living the Doctrine of Christ will not only allow us to have a fullness of joy, but save us in the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ literally made it possible for us to get through ALL the trials of this life. When we live the Doctrine of Christ, we will find true and lasting joy not just in this life, but throughout eternity!
The secret to becoming like Christ is turning outward and serving others. When you consecrate all your heart, might, mind, and strength to the Lord, you take on His character and can only become better and better.
Take control of your own learning. If we want to emulate Christ and proclaim His Gospel, we must “feast upon the words of Christ”.

I’ve had so much fun here, the MTC is a true roller coaster ride!! But now it’s time for the real mission. I couldn’t be more excited to finally get to a Target and have some humidity! But along with change comes doubt and shaken confidence. Doubt you’re cut out for the work. Doubt you’re prepared. Shaken confidence because you messed up a lesson. Shaken confidence because everyone else seems so much greater. Shaken confidence because you struggle with your weaknesses.

Something my teacher Brother Ales told our district is “I believe you walk on water”. Whatever change you, my friend, are going through this season, whatever doubts you have, however your confidence has been shaken, know that I believe you walk on water.

Christ did. When we rely on Him we can too.

The low has been 19 degrees this past week. Soon this will change. Flowers will sprout, the air will be warmer and the leaves will grow green. I absolutely cannot wait for the coming season! But until then, I will embrace the chill and skip in the snow falling from the sky. With Christ’s name on my shoulder, I believe I can walk on water.

A very blurry picture of my first snow fall. I’m so STOKED!!! How come no one ever told me?? Did you SNOW about this?!?!

The coolest men in the MTC. I miss these souls SO. MUCH. NO ONE. KNOWS.

My other teacher Sister Skousen! Btw I have her same exact skirt. Fun fact.

We’re bananas about bananas!!

My best friend sent me Chip Cookies. He is just making sure I am eating properly.

Love from Utah, Sister Dalisay

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Bananas + Charity

Hello everybody!

I hope you had an awesome week, happy Saturday!! 😀 This week has been such a roller coaster, but here are a select 4 things that happened:

1. 🍌 As Sister Training Leaders, my companions and I have to go to Branch Council every Sunday morning. At the MTC in general, we are not allowed to take food out of the cafeteria, but I do it anyway with fruits and ice cream… 😛

STL meeting with branch president + banana in my unzipped bag = this conversation:

Branch president: “Do you have a license for that banana?”
Me: “Do you have a warrant to search for my banana?”

It was awkward because I didn’t know how much trouble I’d get into for it, but he said there’s a rule about it being in plain sight, so I just ran away and zipped up my bag.

2. Speaking about rules, I don’t get to bed on time. Sister Gardner and I try so hard, but we always end up talking to the other girls in our district in the hall. I used to be so paranoid about security coming in, but eventually I wasn’t worried about it at all – until last night. Now I have to have another awkward conversation about rules with branch president, President Bonham… Whose idea was it to make me a leader??

3. 🚗 This week we got to host the new missionaries and help them get from the car to their rooms! I was way excited, I got to help 2 sisters! It was a bit weird to be honest, it made me feel a bit old, missionwise. There really is no concept of time here, everything blends together + time feels like it just goes on.. maybe this is how eternity will feel. Anyway, I’m halfway done with my MTC stay and the Elders we have grown to love so much are leaving on Wednesday to the North Carolina Charlotte mission. The MTC is wonderful + heartbreaking folks. All at once!

4. We got to teach investigators this whole week! We don’t know if they are members already or not, but we had to treat them like real investigators (people who are exploring the church and Christ’s Gospel). We had 4 lessons with a sweet guy + committed him to be baptized on December 16, and a lesson with a girl who said she felt loved and felt like she was willing to change! Hopefully all the people I teach in Maryland will be just as cool.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This week as a district we focused on CHARITY.

Charity is most commonly described as the pure love of Christ. It’s when we turn outwards and instead of serving selfishly, we surrender our service to others willingly.

We can’t tell people we are disciples of Christ if we aren’t actually trying to be like Him in times when it is difficult for us. Some aspects of charity for me are easier, like letting go of my pride and allowing someone else to take the lead and letting them shine. Others
things like turning outward, and not letting the little things someone does get to, you is hard.

Each day, I find that exercising faith in Jesus Christ and being repentant is the essence of charity. We are charitable not because we love people, but because Christ loves people.

I find that when I am struggling to be patient with someone or when I disagree with them or think they are being unfair, the best thing I can do is to do an act of kindness for them. Not with the kindness I have, but the kindness I know the Savior would extend.

I have a testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that the power it takes to serve and love someone beyond your own strength + capacity comes from Christ. To lift others, you have to humble yourself. Charity isn’t easy, but the culmination of the fruits of our charitable labors will #lighttheworld.


Sister Dalisay ❤️
www.mormon.org | #lighttheworld Christmas campaign

On our last Friday we decided to coordinate and do a Floral Friday!! 🌺🌻💐

My favorite sisters!! ❤️❤️

The Elders are so awesome, we will miss them SO much!! 😢

Our “investigator”!!! Pretty sure he’s a real member. 😆

Me trying to be a cute sister missionary in front of the nativity scene at the Provo temple. 😬😄

Me again trying to be cute with the flowers + mountains in Provo! Can’t wait to roam the Washington DC temple grounds. 💐💐

A week and a half to go! See ya next email!!! ❤️

Recognizing the Spirit

Hi friends!

This is going to be a short message from me!

I hope everyone had a GREAT-FULL 😉 Thanksgiving!! Know that I am grateful for every single one of you who is reading this post, and I am grateful for every friend I have who does good.

Week 2 in the MTC is half way done, I’m starting to get sad I’m leaving
soon. I am getting used to the Utah weather, I feel like I’m acclimating
well. I try not to wear coats and jackets in this 30 – 40 degree weather!! Insane? Me?? Maybe. I’m a California girl, but growing up in San Francisco has upped my cold tolerance! Maryland winter, I’m getting ready for ya!!

Just a few highlights from this week:

– My companions and I are sister training leaders, so that’s exciting. This week I’m also the senior companion but that changes tomorrow.
– We’ve had so many devotionals, I feel like we have one 3 times a week!! And we did choir a lot this week as well…
– Thanksgiving at the MTC wasn’t too bad either, I’m way grateful. Elder
Bednar came to speak in the morning and it was amazing. I love hearing his
words. We had some turkey and mashed potatoes and corn bread stuffing for lunch, but I’m really sad they ran out of eggnog… We watched a movie called Love, Kennedy. The acting was wayyyyy cheesy but I admit I definitely cried more than once. Also, the Nashville Tribute Band came in the evening, but the MTC Presidency regrets it because there was this one song that wasn’t super spiritual and it got super rowdy. All the missionaries went crazy yelling and dancing and yeehawing… pretty sure they won’t do that again. We ended the night with Christmas lights in the plaza and it was such a great feeling… Christmas is soon! And I’ll be in DC soon!!!


This weeks mini lesson is on Recognizing the Spirit.

This week I have had some cool promptings from the Spirit that I’ve been able to act upon. Here’s one experience I had that touched my heart:

One night we were in the other room where the other sisters in my district reside. We were just about to leave after a girlie chit chat, when I had this slight feeling in my gut we needed to pray as sisters in our district. We closed the door, and we knelt down to pray. Everyone kinda looked at me awkwardly, expectantly.

“Dear Heavenly Father…”

I started with Sister Jacobs. As I began to name each and every sister and ask for specific blessings for each of them and their needs, everyone in the circle started to cry. We cried together as the Spirit embraced us each. That feeling of God’s love for each of us in that room, and the sisterly love we all felt for one another in that moment after we said Amen, was indescribable. Incredible. Undeniable. Together we stood all amazed at the love Jesus offers us.

Then and there, it was exactly what each.
and every.

I know that as we study the Gospel of Jesus Christ we invite the Spirit into our lives. As we invite the Spirit, we exercise our faith in Him and turn our hearts to God. As we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through His grace, we allow the Spirit to work within us, to change us. As we seek to help others to turn their hearts to the Savior and are living righteously, our hearts are open to the subtle promptings of the Spirit that come. The Spirit directs us to those who need healing, and it allows us to receive the healing blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ for ourselves.

I love you all, and let the Christmas season begin!!

Much love,
Sister Dalisay

Every Saturday as a district we go to the Provo temple!!

Say hello to my companions, Sister Gardner + Sister Bailey!!

Sister Gardner!! We stay up just a liiiiiiiiittle past bedtime together…

Sister Bailey!! She is awesome, and her outfit is on point… oh wait, that’s my sweater and socks. 😜

Branch 34 District D (minus Sister Cook + Sister Jacobs ☹️)

Happy Thanksgiving + Merry Christmas from the MTC!!!

Digesting the Doctrine of Christ

Hello world, from the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah!

It’s been a total of 3 days and already and I having the best time!! I feel like I’m in college again, with roommates I do everything with, a group of homies we always meet up with, amazing classes I actually love learning from, and cafeteria food that is incredibly mediocre. 🙂

The weather has been cold and definitely different from California, but I haven’t frozen over yet. I think I’ve gone the majority of my few days here without a jacket! At least I’m trying. I need this time in Utah to acclimate to the Maryland winters!!

Meet my companions.

Sister Jenna Gardner is 19 years old from St. George, Utah. She’s super chill and loves to sing. She creates music and even has a covers album Gold Lining coming out on December 1! She’s thinking about moving to London after the mission. So I guess she’s pretty cool… ;P

Sister Kenadee Bailey is also 19 years old from Boulder City, Nevada. She has a strong personality but she’s so down to earth. She’s also super into working out and has won state championships for flag football. Which is great, I hope she whips me into physical shape!

We are all so different in our backgrounds and experiences, but we get along SO. INCREDIBLY. WELL. We give compliments to each other, we uplift one another, and we laugh with and at each other. I’m yet again in another trio, and I’m so glad we’re all going to the Washington DC North mission together!!

Also, my district is the best. Most of the Elders are serving in somewhere in the southern states (I wanna say South Carolina? Maybe?) while most of the Sisters are serving in visitors’ centers. One of them, Sister Medina, I know from my mini mission in San Diego! Well what do ya know??

I have so much love for my district already.. 🙂 We do most things together. We eat meals together, we laugh take our classes together, we go to the temple together and even work out and exercise with one another. The one hope I have for us is that we rise together as a district and support each other in being the best missionaries we can be for our different missions.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures this week, I’m on an iPad I’m using while in the MTC and it’s hard to upload photos!

Now for the spiritual part.

On the first day of classes, Brother Ales (our MTC “coach”) told us the most important thing we can learn in the MTC, on our missions, and for the rest of our lives is the Doctrine of Christ.

Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement
Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost
Enduring to the end

This is what I’ll be inviting and helping others to do, and this is what we must be doing ourselves for the rest of our lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is seriously the greatest blessing anyone could partake of. And there are people who don’t know about it, and people who simply don’t recognize the magnificence of the blessings that come from it!

But in order to invite and help others, we must be converted ourselves. WE MUST DIGEST THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST. We must make it a part of who we are, engrained in our hearts and woven into the fabric our souls. We must let and feel the atonement change us and recognize the blessings of the atonement in our lives. We must let it affect us, and allow it to change us to be kinder, more loving, more compassionate, more joyful, and absolutely resilient and unshakable when times of hardship hit. Because it’s real. And absolutely wonderful.

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. It brings me absolute joy! No money, no person, and no feeling on earth can ever be worth more than the heavenly love God has for us. He knows each and every person who has lived, lives, and ever will live! This Gospel is His way of showing that heavenly love to YOU.

I know He lives and that the missionaries who are serving in this church bring a TRUE MESSAGE OF PEACE AND LOVE. I am so grateful to be called of God to serve Him in this very short and very specific period of time. This is the testimony I leave with you today.

Much love,
Sister Camilla M. Dalisay

PS- I will be in the MTC until December 12. If you’d like to write me a letter but don’t want to pay for postage, or don’t have time to handwrite and mail anything, MTCdelivery.com will print your message and deliver it to me! 🙂 I’d love to hear from you!!!

“But a missionary is not called to a place; rather, he or she is called to serve”

Hellooo lovely people,

Yes. I’ve been done with my mini mission for a while… since April 4th to be precise. But, here’s the thing. I never wrote a post about my last week on the mini mission. Nor have I told a lot of people what’s been going on. I was supposed to be gone on my 18 month mission, according to my plan back in *gulp* January. But clearly that’s not the case..

So how about a deal? I’ll talk about my last week on the mini mission. And in the next post or few I’ll talk about the dark abyss I was in for the following 4 months and how I got to where I am now.
Sound good? Read on my peoples!


While we were emailing our families, I was able to talk to President Schmidt on the phone. There were some complications with the full-time mission papers that I talked to my stake president about a few days ago, and I was asking for permission to call my parents. This is what he told me – to enjoy the rest of my mini mission. Don’t worry about it until you get home. Focus on serving with all my heart, might, mind, and strength for the next week, and afterward I can take all my time to consult with my parents, my leaders, and God about what will happen next.

So that’s what I decided to do! I decided to kick butt, and “thrust in [my] sickle with all of [my] might, labor to do [my] part”!

This week was absolutely the BEST, MOST MIRACULOUS, MOST OUTSTANDING, MOST FULFILLING week of my mini mission!!
After weeks of just heat, so many more blessings and sweet experiences have happened.

  • people who Sister Heward and Chang taught in December all of a sudden came back into communication with us. We were able to meet with two of them who expressed desire to come back and learn again and a third one said he wants to come to church next time.
  • after teaching Karen, it was so sweet to see her testimony grow so much, that she was holding onto her future with faith. We could definitely tell how much stronger her testimony was because of the amount of hope she placed in her sister to have that same peace and joy she was able to obtain. “I think I feel the Spirit..” ❤
  • Allen wants to fast for 9 days for personal reasons!!! Granted I believe it’s just fasting from dinner, but it’s so touching to see him turn to the Lord for help and to see him sacrifice 9 wonderful dinners for answers and peace.
  • Thomas… two more sets of famous words from Thomas: “to fear is to lack faith” + “drop the nets!”
  • Met so many cool people street contacting! 3 girls who were living in Orange County were super interested in our work and our purpose. 1 guy I started talking to at sports night, and we ended up giving him a chapel tour and a Book of Mormon (nice guy). 1 guy who is super humble and hardworking and is ready for good influences in his life. And 1 guy who works at the SDSU bowling lanes by day and plays the trumpet for famous people like Justin Beiber by night (trumpet solo in Love Yourself, anyone?? – he also apparently dated a girl who used to be in my ward).

My last P-Day
was as fun as a bike ride through the beach! – ’cause it was. 🙂

We went with the Spanish sisters in our complex – the beautiful Hermama Pieterson & Hermana Echeverria!

image1 (1).JPG

Guess who is on the back of the tandem bike because she’s too scared she can’t hang. *raises hand unapologetically* We had such a fun breezy time biking around Coronado, I was feeling like part of a missionary girl gang, letting everyone see us on our bad bikes and black name tags! Hehe.

Last funny story of the mini mish. We knocked on the door belonging to a guy who showed interest. This little tiny bulldog comes up the the screen door and I swear he looked like something out of a Tom & Jerry cartoon!!! You could hold this thing with one hand AND ITS MUSCLES WERE MORE DEFINED THAN DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON! He barked “ferocious” until this sweet little Japanese grandma answered the door and picked him up. He looked so cute with his bulging eyes, I felt compelled to give him a little pet. When I went in for it, ITS EYES (I kid you not!!) POPPED OUT OF ITS SOCKETS AND HE GROWLED AND SNAPPED HIS HEAD TO BITE ME!!!!! I obviously got scared out of my mind and was able to dodge it, but I kid you not I PEED MY IN MY UNDERPANTS and had to clean myself up at the institute building… To this day. Only Sister Heward and I can laugh about that because Sister Chang was not looking.

And finally, we had one last exchange, this time with Sister Vernier from La Jolla! I’ve heard so many great things about her and how she does missionary work, it was so great being with her. She actually shared a story with me has summed up the #1 I’ve learned on this mini mission:

Her and her companion were in a neighborhood for something. They thought about how there was a less active lady who lived in that neighborhood. They hadn’t planned on visiting her, and didn’t have a lot of time, but decided to just drop by before they left anyway. It was a quick visit, and the lady invited them over for dinner for a later date. At dinner, the woman asked how they knew to come see her. They told her they didn’t plan on it, they were just around. She told them how when she had answered the door there were tears in her eyes because a couple days back she was on her knees praying with God for a way to come back to church. – The Spirit never gave Sister Vernier or her companion an intense prompting that said “go knock on her door”. Quite frankly they didn’t think anything of it. They just made the choice on a whim.

If there is any one thing I’ve learned from my mini mission, it is this:
You don’t have to always feel like you’re on a spiritual high in order to be led by the Spirit. So often do I have these expectations to always feel 100% on top of my spiritual game so I can be inspired. So often do I feel bad for not feeling or being 100%. I always hear stories about how someone had this fiery prompting to do something and it led to baptisms, or reactivation, or the decision to serve a mission, or a successful career. But honestly, as long as you are keeping the commandments of God, you’re always guided by the Spirit. You’re entitled to it. You’re promised that companionship. Even if you don’t feel it, the Spirit is there. And what a great realization it is, to know you’re never alone, and that no matter what happens, whether you’re super feeling the Spirit 100% or not, you’re still 100% capable of progressing in His marvelous work.

How fitting is it that I end my last weekend in the mini mission the same weekend as Waphets + Proffles (prophets + waffles)? April General Conference. A weekend of asked questions and answers by revelation. In my own question of whether or not to still pursue a mission after I had jumped through hoop after hoop, the talks in the priesthood session really stood out to me and had helped give me strength and comfort in my circumstances.

I am grateful for all the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had on my mini mission! I love this gospel so much and will always cherish this experience. Everything was telling me not to do this, not to go – but had I not trusted the Lord and my leaders, I would not have been able to make the difference I made or change the way I changed.

A torn ACL, a broken heart, and a broken heart and contrite spirit

We were discussing those things at the institute lunch forum.

Sister Heward: “A torn ACL has got to be the worst injury”
Me: “I think a broken heart has got to be the worst injury..”
Sister Chang: “It’s best to have a broken heart and contrite spirit”

Sister Chang is obviously the most holy out of all of us. And I’m the most depressing. 😛

Week 5 has been CRAZY!! So many miracles! So many funny things! And even crazy experiences!!


We went on exchanges with Sister Mugleston, who was in my YSA ward before I left for my mini mission. It was a blast being on the missionary side, working with her! 🙂 Sister Mugleston, Sister Chang, and I found a new investigator. He’s awesome! He was a heroin addict for 5 years, and within 5 days on a retreat, he found God and was able to quit drugs just like that! We are hoping he gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

We also have an investigator we’ve been trying our best to reach. We finally got to video chat with her, and oh. My. People like her make my day! She was so enthusiastic, and has such a testimony of the Book of Mormon, even through the trials in her life. She’s even sharing it with others and is excited to be baptized! WOO HOO!!! HAPPIEST DAY!!!

Some of the member dinners we had this week consisted of L&L BBQ, pho, mole, and wings. So I guess you could say this was the best week ever!!!

We also gained another investigator who has a cousin who served a mission. I was weary when we knocked on his door, because their was already some religious literature on his door someone had put, but we left him a note, a pass along card. Literally 10 minutes later, as we got into the car and closed the doors, we got a call from him telling us he was available right then if we wanted to talk! We committed him to read the Book of Mormon, and he seems to be receptive. He is willing to act on faith and see how it goes. By this time of the week, it was like miracle #5. WOOO!!!

Sister Heward’s birthday was on Sunday! It was great! We had written things on sticky notes to tell her happy birthday when she walked into the living room. She opened her package from home and the best thing I got – AHEM, I mean, SHE got – were 2 EFY CDs and a CD of Mormon Tabernacle Choir hymns. YYYEEEAAAHHH buddy!!! I sang and Sister Chang performed Savior, Redeemer of My Soul for Sacrament meeting and taught an awesome lesson in Gospel Principles. I got emotional as I related the Atonement to an experience I had when I was younger of us at the doctor because one of my little brothers needed a shot. 😛
Sister Hansen made her homemade cinnamon rolls, Addi’s family and Kalieh made us dinner, got her a tres leches cake, and I have a video of her getting her face shoved into it. 🙂 We had our own little cake at home, pound cake with cool whip and strawberries, with really really sad H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y candles on top (you know me). I’m so grateful she was born. Without her, no one would laugh at my jokes. Sister Chang would just stare me down. 😛

One last miracle: We went to contact a potential investigator, someone who expressed interest in learning more about our message. He said he wasn’t interested, but we ended up teaching two of his roommates a lesson! We taught the Restoration with the Spirit on our side. One of them said he’d always wondered about the different denominations. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon introduction and to pray to know if it’s true. I’m WAY excited to see how it goes.. I would have so much joy. ❤


On Saturday morning at 1am, the fire alarm in our apartment went off. But it didn’t sound like the fire alarm at school. It sounded different, like a really annoying alarm clock, that was REALLY LOUD!!!!!
I thought Sister Chang had turned it on, so I was trying to ignore it and stayed in bed. I refused to open my eyes. I heard one of them say, should we go outside? And the other one said yes. So I got up too, reluctantly, but quickly realized it was a fire alarm! We ran to open the front door and the smell of fire was so strong and pungent! There were no immediate flames I saw and people were just standing outside their door, so we ran back inside. I ran to grab my sweater, ran to grab my name tag, and put on my sandals (hehe, it’s cold outside, I’m a missionary, and ya gotta have shoes). We ran outside and I went into survival mode, so I was ready to run down the stairs to the street! But my companions stayed back. A lot of people stayed back and just stood there. I was so confused. HELLO, THERE’S OBVIOUSLY A FIRE!! D O Y O U W A N T T O D I E ? ? ? We asked someone about it, and they said the fire was in Apartment 22, which was across the complex from us, almost directly across. The whole complex was like a 3-story rectangle, with a pool in the middle, so there was a lot of space and air between us, so it was pretty okay to stay where we were. IT WAS SO BIZARRE! The guy in #22 didn’t open any windows and wouldn’t let anyone inside to help him. After 5 minutes, I saw him open the door and fan out some of the smoke. I motioned to him with my hands, telling him to come out, but he stopped fanning the door, stared at me for 3 seconds, then closed the door. I was so confused! What’s going on?! Finally we heard the fire truck and firefighters came up the stairs. It was kinda cool to see them in action. The guy in the apartment had already put out the flames, so the firefighters went in and checked it out and tuned on a giant fan to get the fumes out.

So we survived the fire! Woo hoo!!! It was the strangest thing that’s happened on my mission.

But everything aside, this coming week is the final week of my mini mission. Time flies, but all I can do now is “thrust in my sickle with all of my might, and labor to do my part”. I’m so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mini mission. I know that God is really working miracles into the lives of everyday people – we are His children. I know that the Gospel makes perfect sense. His plan is PERFECT. ABSOLUTELY P E R F E C T . I’m sad that I’ll miss out on seeing all these people progress, but let’s be real – I’m coming back. Haha, it’s just San Diego. 😛 I live here.

One last thing – this Friday, coming to the internet near you, is the most touching and hopeful video that brings so much peace and reminds us of Jesus Christ. I literally get teary eyed every time. So please, for me, go to mormon.org on Friday and watch the new video. Because it’s worth it. Because Jesus Christ lives. Because He is our Savior. Because He brings us peace, and you can have it too if you only invite Him into your life.

Much love,
Sister Dalisay.

PS – See you at home next week!

IMG_02032nd exchange

thomas vs. habanero wings
thomas won

IMG_1450a contact lense tore in half while i was writing emails on p-day, so for the remainder of the time i kept one eye closed so i wouldn’t get dizzy
but we were laughing so hard already, me laughing with one eye only made us laugh harder

P1000607yo – why is the lock so high up?

P1000593so begins the birthday pictures…

P1000590she’s 20!!!

P1000603make a wish sistah hewahd!!

P1000604she knew it was coming so it took forever to finally smash her face into that cake

P1000613with me you always get some sort of non-traditional cake or mini cupcakes
with colorful  h a p p y  b i r t h d a y  candles on top

To bring forth the cause of Zion, Amen and Amen

Hola amigos!

Somos missioneras de La Igelsia de Jesu Cristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias!
Tenemos un mensaje de Jesu Cristo!
Tiene fe en Jesu Cristo?

Okay, as far as SPELLING… I really don’t know. Sorry if I’m wrong. But I can sure say it! I might not know what THEY are saying in reply, but I know what I’M saying! And I know that what I’m saying is important!

I’m really loving my mission. I know I’ve said that before, but I’m starting to get to that point where I truly mean it. I’ve been positive, but honestly, a mission truly is a roller coaster. I didn’t think I’d be a normal missionary and have ups and downs but I do. I’m willing to acknowledge that I T ‘ S O K A Y !

So many laughs this week and so many little miracles. I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m trying to find that balance between being a consecrated missionary and being myself. (If you haven’t read that talk “How to be a Consecrated Missionary” by Elder Callister, read it now!)
Being a consecrated missionary is basically all about “Forget yourself and go to work!” (look Ma, I made it, I’m quoting your favorite person!). When you are a consecrated missionary, you are truly on the Lord’s errand and not worrying about what you want and what you would be doing if you weren’t a missionary in that moment. I am F A R from being a consecrated missionary, but every day I try a little bit harder to be dedicated. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for every. single. person. And it’s the most amazing thing! As a missionary, I know I need to strive my best to help the Lord bring forth His plans, and “to bring forth the cause of Zion”.

This Sunday I got to sing my Tita Carina’s arrangement of Praise to the Lord, the Almighty at the Mission President’s Devotional. The best part about that devotional, THE NEW EASTER VIDEO WAS SHOWN!!!! OH. MY. FRIJOLES. I cry every single time I watch it! It will be released to the public on March 31, so mark your calendars and grab your tissues. I’ve never been so stoked to share this message with everyone I meet. So if I run into you here in San Diego, I WILL. share this message with you. Or at least try. Everyone has their agency to hear the message or not, and I won’t judge you. But seriously, the Gospel is so perfect and so good, I have never been more grateful to have left for my mission at the time that I did.

Aside from the good, funny, and spiritual, I’ve had some of the most C R A Z I E S T experiences this week! One of them is really having an impact on me.. We’re not sure what to do. I’m worried about this one guy in particular.. he’ll really have to have a MIGHTY change of heart or else I fear the safety of the saints in my ward..


Experiences of the week:

Sister Holladay at the Institute has a friend, Sister Maer, who doesn’t get out from her apartment much. She asked me and my companion to sing and play the song we were going to perform. We had the busiest schedule, but we took time out to sing for her, and to sing with her. We sang about 5 songs together from the hymn book, and I was so humbled… She doesn’t get to go to church due to her housing and transportation circumstances – I cannot imagine not being able to attend church and singing and hearing the hymns. The songs we sing are so beautiful and so soul healing, I breaks my heart to know that those 5 songs made her whole week. She’s truly a wonderful daughter of God. Taking the time to sing these hymns with her also gave me time to really reflect on the Savior and the message I’m sharing with people. I am so blessed to serve the people I’m serving and to partake of the experiences I’m having.

We were visiting someone in Lincoln Park, which isn’t the nicest part of San Diego. That person didn’t quite follow through, but it turned out to be THE CRAZIEST BLOCK PARTY POWER HOUR EVER! The small street we were on ended in a cul de sac. But throughout our journey we found 3 people who were interested in learning more. The first one helped to manage a car wash, and you could tell she really loves God. The second was a guy who just got out of prison (he was sentenced for life), and had questions about Jesus Christ. The third was a lovely woman who actually took all the missionary discussions and was about to get baptized when she was in Texas, but things happened and she never got baptized. She wants to retake the discussions again though, and LOVES the Book of Mormon! We also ran into a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses and men from a local church. We shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon with them and cheerfully told them to keep being missionaries! Just because we aren’t of the same faith, doesn’t mean we can’t be kind to one another. Okay, it doesn’t sound as crazy of an experience as it actually was, but I promise that it was.

​Okay, the building is closing so I gotta go! But I know Jesus Christ lives, that he lived and died and lives again! I know with all my heart the church is true! I know that God loves each of us fiercely, and I know that this message we share is truth.

Much love,
Sister Dalisay

P1000532an example of something i eat at home by myself

P1000529an example of something i eat when members feed us

P1000526leslie bringing us to colombian next door to the el salvadorian place

something we’d eat when we really don’t have time to go home

P1000535dinner with liz and her gramps brother wilson – my absolute favorite old man!!!

P1000525i’m really getting darker by the day

Chao for now!


Be Thou Humble

Dear friends,

​This week has been a good one.

Sister Heward’s mouth got spit on accidentally by a lady talking more rapidly than a cheetah on a skateboard with a jetpack.

We’ve added 2 new investigators (people who are interesting in learning about the church and taking missionary discussions). One is super soulful and the other is super sweet.

I gave my first Sacrament talk on Sunday, alongside my companions. My topic was “How to be a better member missionary”. Don’t know if I could relate at all… 😉
I also sang. Sister Chang accompanied me. We sang my Tita Carina’s arrangement of Praise to the Lord. A couple people are asking me to ask her for the sheet music, but I’m a little greedy and don’t want to share it… Hehe. Guess Tita Carina will have to come out with an all-star album and publish her music. 😛 (hint hint..).

We actually auditioned with this piece earlier today for the Mission President’s Devotional on Sunday. We’re waiting to find out if we get in..

What else… OH! I found my new beauty obsession!! Burt’s Bees TINTED lip balm!!
Um, WHY haven’t I tried it sooner?? Everyone knows I’m A D D I C T E D to Burt’s Bees lip balm (don’t tell Bishop!!), I honestly don’t know why I have not tried it sooner..


But the best thing that happened this week is Camp Wildwood.

I seriously lucked out.. I came in during the BEST TRANSFER EVER. They only do this once a year, and I think only with President Schmidt.

We carpooled with the Spanish sisters in our complex to a church-owned camp site (Camp Wildwood). We had some training from President, Elder Hemingway (current Mormon Battalion director, former Director of Proselyting in the mission department FOR THE ENTIRE CHURCH lowkey), and the Assistant to the Presidents. We broke for lunch and sang the standard “Thanks for Lunch!” song:

We have been born, as Nephi of old,

to goodly parents who love the Lord.

And on this day, we thank you a bunch,

for fixing us this fantastic lunch!

We are as the army of Helaman,

and when our missions are through,

we’ll thank the Lord for all who have helped us.

especially people like you!

You’re Christlike love has shown through!!!

After a soupy lunch of baked potatoes with too much sour cream (entirely my fault), we resumed training from people from the mission office, with apartment and car business. Elder Cummings talked about making sure our apartments are TEMPLE CLEAN. I love that! We need to be temple clean in all aspects of our life, this is how we can invite the Spirit into our homes and into our hearts. I can’t wait to be in white at the temple one day…

The final activity was a hike. We chaged our of our proselyting clothes and into hiking attire. It was a silent hike. As we started on the path, I picked up a rock. It wasn’t a big one. But it was the perfect rock.

As I trudged behind my companions (because I was so out of breath and NOT in shape), I pondered on what I could offer to the Lord. The rock was supposed to symbolize our offering to the Lord. And when we gopt to the top, we were supposed to lay it at the feet of the Savior, at the feet of the cross up at the top of the mountain.

My favorite Sacrament hymn came to mind.

“In humility, our Savior…”

Be thou humble.

As I sat at the top, I didn’t immediately put my rock down, but kept it with me until it was time to venture down the muddy slopes. Giving my heart to the Savior is such a hard thing to do sometimes. I find I constantly have to make the conscious effort to do so. When I think I’m good, that’s when I need it the most.

As we gathered at the top of the mountain to hear a couple testimonies and sing the mission song, the Spirit was just incredible..

I am SO lucky.

And so lucky to even be here. Right where I am. Serving a mission is a sacrifice for sure. I miss people more than I can handle. But I know there are promised blessings from serving the Lord. I know that the Lord knows my heart, He knows how much I love Him.

Be thou humble, friends. Rely on Jesus Christ. Any other foundation you’ve built your life upon will crumble. A fullness of joy comes from making little sacrifices. My rock was tiny compared to others. But even giving the tiniest bit of ourselves to the Lord, we are blessed 10 fold, because to the Lord, a little is everything.

With love,
Sister Dalisay


P1000500rehearsals + getting distracted

IMG_3409hey there delilah!! ❤

IMG_1736find me!!!

IMG_1737sometimes “take a hike” is a really good thing

P1000468sistah hewahd!!!

P1000476us leaving because it’s time to go

IMG_1415us hauling out back to the car and leaving because president is coming!!!!!

IMG_1432us actually leaving

It’s a MIRACLE!!

​Alright, I suppose I have time for ONE more update..

I have a lot I still haven’t said in this week’s post. But here’s one more (short) miracle I can tell you all about…

On Saturday night, after our miracle with meeting the Philippines RM and the man with a mighty change of heart, we headed to a bishopric appreciation party. It was just a small party to show our bishopric in our ward that we appreciate them and love them and we’re grateful for them. Sadly we had started our fast for fast Sunday already so we couldn’t partake in the delicious tacos that John had made… Sad day.

But on our way home, something peculiar happened..

We saw a man walking towards us in our direction.

“You talking to me?”

William found it strange he met us. Earlier that day, he literally thought he was going to die. He was in the ER for alcohol poisoning. He’s an alcoholic. His blood pressure (?) was 200 over something (I forget numbers, but apparently it was NOT good…) The hospital staff even sent in a pastor, even though he didn’t ask for one.
“That’s how you know it’s REALLY bad… even they think you’re gonna die”.
He was on his way to the liquor store when he came across us. We taught him a little bit of our message and he said he was receptive. He grew up Presbyterian and was an Athiest for a really long time, but now he knows “there is definitely something out there”.
“You really have to scare an Athiest to death to get them to believe in God”.
William was actually “a bum, thought [he’s] really good at not looking like one”. Before we left, Sister Heward made a promise. Not just any promise.

“I promise you that if you don’t go to the liquor store and read one chapter of that Book tonight, you will NOT feel the need to go”.

That’s my girl… 🙂

We don’t know what happened to him later that night. But I do know the Lord loves us.

I have to go now. It’s finally time.
I love you all. And know that miracles by the hand of God really are real.
In fact,
they are the only way they come to pass.

Much love,
Sister Dalisay

Wondering about my mission call…

Okay, so I might have time to write a little more,

so I’ll update you on my mission call situation.

I don’t have a mission call.
Apparently my assignment is pending based on the completion of my mini mission.. And they might have me do a 2nd transfer. We’re waiting on Salt Lake for advice.

THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING. For the past year, there has literally. ALWAYS. been something.

But you know what? t h a t ‘ s o k a y.

I’m starting to wonder if an 18 month mission is part of God’s plan for me. The thought has crossed my mind that maybe it isn’t, maybe He just needed me here in San Diego for a few months. Either way, I’m so grateful because at least I get to serve here in San Diego for a short time. San Diego is B E A U T I F U L !!! And there are SO many people to teach!

So I’m not complaining, the more things get in the way, the more I am absolutely CERTAIN there is a VERY SPECIFIC plan He has for me, with VERY specific people for me to meet at a VERY SPECIFIC time and location. I can already see His hand everyday in the missionary work here in San Diego. And if you’re reading this, I PROMISE there is a VERY SPECIFIC plan for YOU, too!! God didn’t make you to forget about you. On this mission, I’m learning just how much awareness He has for us as individuals..

I think I’m still getting endowed though on April 8, whether or not I’m serving for a 2nd transfer. President said he’d let me out for the day to go up to Los Angeles. So as far as I know, it’s on!!!

I’m so lucky to be here. Whether my mission call comes VERY late or not at all, I’m SO happy. God is good. Christ wants me to succeed. And The Book of Mormon is the word of God. No matter what arguments people try to pick with me on the street.
(don’t worry Ma, I’m not actually fighting anyone.. I’m a classy missionary. And I’m dignified… ;D)

Sister Dalisay